About Libertarianly Speaking...

Libertarianly Speaking... contains the writings of Ron T based on his opinions, experience, and research of political issues through a libertarian lens.

Ron was a liberal until his sophomore year of college when he transitioned towards libertarianism. Before his transformation he thought little about politics, but held faithful to the Democrats, believing they would fix all of the nation's problems. Approximately a year after the 2008 election Ron became disappointed by the Democrats' efforts to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He saw no hope offered through the elected officials at the time to change the policies of the previous administration and developed a distrust in government and its ability to find solutions. Soon after he discovered the Libertarian Party and rapidly warmed up to its platform. This blog was born a few months after that point.

At the federal level, Ron's prime concern is a change to the destructive foreign policy of the United States's government. He advocates the end to the many unconstitutional wars America has entered, the withdrawl of troops from all countries, free trade with all nations, and the end of foreign aid to all nations. In his home state of New York, Ron advocates the repeal of all marijuana laws making it legal for any adult to grow, sell, buy, and use marijuana in any liking they choose.

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